Groundwater Modeling with MODFLOW in Groundwater Vistas

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The course is included in the School programme, but also available as a stand-alone course. The course in constituted by 10 video-lessons explaining the theory, in conjunction with step-by-step tutorials to perform the exercises. Daniel Feinstein introduces Groundwater Vistas as a GUI of MODFLOW, but his explanation focuses on codes, packages and settings, which are common to any other GUI. Different versions of MODFLOW are explained and compared (MODFLOW-2000, MODFLOW-2005, MODFLOW-NWT, MODFLOW-USG, MODFLOW 6), advanced packages (MNW, SFR, LAK, e GWM), MODPATH tips & tricks, and transport-related codes including heat transport and variable-density flow for seawater intrusion simulations (MT3DMS, MT3D-USGS and SEAWAT).

Language: English – Programme – Trainer: Daniel Feinstein (USGS)

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