Groundwater Numerical Models and How to Make them Useful

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The course covers a wide range of topics, from GIS data processing to the most advanced calibration and uncertainty analysis techniques through PEST and PEST++ suites. The course targets those who develop, calibrate, deploy and rely on models to support environmental decision-making as well as water resources managers, stakeholders and anyone who wishes to better understand what groundwater modelling can, and cannot, offer to the decision-making process.

The first part deals with data processing, geostatistics and the basics of modelling, introducing the first concepts of automated model calibration through PEST.

The second part focuses on model calibration. This will be undertaken by using both PEST and the new ensemble smoother available through the PEST++ suite. These programs will be used from both the command line and from the Groundwater Vistas Graphical User Interface. The basic instructions will be provided on command line use. PEST support utilities will be also demonstrated.

The third part focuses on uncertainty analysis and on its application to decision-support modelling; dedicated software from the PEST and PEST++ suites will be explained and used in real-world exercises.



John Doherty (Watermark Numerical Computing), Francesca Lotti (Symple), Giovanni Formentin (HPC Italia)