MODFLOW-2005 CFP Conduit Flow Process (May 29-31 2024)


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Karst aquifers contribute to a major portion of the groundwater supplies in many parts of the world. Karst aquifers are often characterized by highly permeable solution conduits and a low permeable matrix. Because of the permeability contrast between the conduits and matrix, groundwater flow is often channeled into the conduits, leading to increased flow velocities and much shorter travel times compared to typical porous aquifers. The development and application of mathematical models for karst aquifers face great challenges but are an integral part of sustainable management of groundwater resources.

This course, which can be followed both on-site and on-line, has the following main learning objectives:

  • Understanding concepts of distributed numerical models for karst systems.
  • Understanding and applying the coupling approach of MODFLOW-CFP (Darcy-Weisbach with laminar and turbulent flow together with a MODFLOW continuum).
  • Application of CFP for idealized karst systems and understanding the settings and parameters.
  • Analyzing the results of CFP simulations.



Steffen Birk

Thomas Reimann

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