Tutoring in numerical modelling is quite a new concept, nevertheless in our decennial experience, it turned to be the most effective way to teach. It is based on the participant specific problem to be solved… typically characterized by a very close deadline! This guarantees a high motivation and concentration level. The participant is obliged to organize data and thoughts in order to share the site narration with the trainer, then a modellig strategy is planned together.

The individual (or small groups) tutoring can be an alternative or a completion of the School and it is organized as follows:

  • Sharing of all the available data and material
  • Material, site and problem description
Model-oriented data processing
  • Data organization, cleaning, exploration
  • Data processing to extract the most of information
  • NECoM (Numerically Enhanced Conceptual model)
  • Building of a stable model that simplifies reality, still maintaining the relevant features
  • Designing of the most effective model parameterization scheme
  • Applying a coupled optimization/uncertainty evaluation strategy
  • Optionally, use of our high-performance computing power
  • Critical evaluation of the calibration outputs, with focus on the conceptual model incongruencies and new aspects highlighted by the modelling process
  • Effective description of model results