The approach and finality of SYMPLE received full appreciation from public bodies, universities, companies and associations that made scholarships available.

Thanks to those who believed in the training of young hydrogeologists with scholarships and/or internships.

Tullia Bonomi
Università di Milano Bicocca
Daniel Feinstein
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA
Vincenzo Francani
Politecnico di Milano
Randy Hunt
Gani Nesipbekov
Eurasian Resources Group (ERG), Kazakistan
Oleksandra Pedchenko
Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique, Canada
Marco Petitta
Università di Roma Sapienza
Marco Petrangeli Papini
Università di Roma Sapienza
Vincenzo Piscopo
Università della Tuscia
Patrizia Pretto
EU Joint Research Centre
Manuel Sapiano
Energy and Water Agency, Malta

The entire initiative is under the auspice of the International Association, which we sincerely thank!

Contact us if you want to support a scholarship place as well, or activate an internship in your company/institution.