Introduction to Applied Groundwater Flow Modelling with GW Vistas (Sep-Nov 2024)

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This training course is scheduled to take place in autumn 2024 at the SYMPLE school in Vetralla, Italy, with the option of participating online. The course is divided into three parts: the first is theoretical and entirely conducted online, the second part is a blend of online and on-site attendance, emphasizing practical applications. A final session, focused on a dewatering project, will commence on-site and continue online after one month. The entire course will be conducted in English.

The course will cover essential practical criteria necessary for constructing a numerical flow model. This includes topics like defining parameters, boundary conditions and inputs, both in stationary and transient conditions. Practical applications using MODFLOW and related packages will be demonstrated through computer exercises facilitated by the proprietary GUI Groundwater Vistas. Each participant will have access to Groundwater Vistas for a duration of 2 months.

To ensure accessibility and flexibility, all course sessions, whether conducted online or on-site, will be recorded. These recordings will be uploaded to our e-learning platform, allowing participants to review the material at their convenience.

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Daniel Feinstein

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