Field Hydrogeology Week (October 2024)



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Hydrogeological field methods are essential in the training of hydrogeologists and modellers. Groundwater projects rely on data and appreciating how they are collected is an imperative. The present course aims at transmitting the critical thinking necessary to recognize the uncertainties and pitfalls hidden in data collection.

Each single measurement should be seen in a wider picture, the monitoring strategy should be able to capture the information we need to solve a problem, we should know how the numbers that we collect will constrain a parameter value in a numerical model. And if that number is not properly recorded, the “information flow” is distorted generating incongruencies, making useless (in the best case, misleading in the worst case) all the subsequent modelling efforts and the final model prediction.

Course Programme


Francesca Lotti (SYMPLE)

Elisabetta Preziosi (CNR)

Thomas Reimann (TU Dresden)

Luigi Lana (Kataclima)