Ask questions, we'll answer here

  • It is an on-line course, so I can take the course at my own pace. Is that correct?
    Yes, once the access is provided, you can enter the Modules you selected for 1 year. Nevertheless, we strongly suggest joining the periodical live Q&A sessions and/or get in touch with us to discuss any doubt. We want to be sure that most of the topics are understood by the participants. At the end of each course a self-evaluation test. If your score is low, you are invited to contact us to discuss together your doubts or lacunes. Additional study material can be provided on a personal basis.


  • Can you provide an estimated idea of the dedication needed to complete each Module? I mean, how many hours per week? Is it very demanding?
    It is quite demanding: the aim is to become an experienced modeller at the end (something that usually takes 10 years, concentrated in 1 or 2!). Considering Module 1, 2 and 3, you need to follow the recordings (about 300 hours), read/study the given material and do practical exercises (approx. other 200 hours).
    A detail syllabus will be provided in June, together with the final Programme, anyway, we roughly estimated that one day per week in one year should be enough. We strongly discourage concentrating the study in a short time, this is because your mind needs time to assimilate the concepts; following the course in a full-immersion period won’t produce the same practical results on your skills.


  • If at the end of the year I have no finished the courses, do I have to pay the second year as the first?
    No, extension of your access to the second year will be charged 50% of the first year fee. If you only need 2 or 3 extra months, that would be for free.


  • How can I access the lessons? Are they given as videos or written tutorials?
    The courses are accessible from our e-learning platform. You will receive username and password to enter the platform. Lessons are recorded video with associated study material, like exercises files, textbooks, presentations slides, etc. Material and slides are in English even in case of Italian speakers (in that case, the video has English subtitles).


  • Which are the basics I need to know before attending?
    The only requirement is a desire to learn and understand the importance of numerical modelling in our industry. We’ll be periodically available to clarify doubts, integrate concepts, answer questions. The first Module is thought to provide all the basics needed to enjoy the rest.


  • Concerning Groundwater Vistas and Feflow licenses, they are not provided, but is there any discount for the participants if they want to get them?
    Lessons performed with GWV and FEFLOW are thought for those who already have a license. Anyway, if there is a high number of requests we can surely try to do some agreement with DHI and Rumbaugh. In any case, we guarantee the feasibility of the exercises with free software; proprietary software can be evaluated in the video-recordings, compared to the free one and bought at a later time.


  • What kind of updates are planned in the following years of the School?
    We plan to periodically add different kinds of contents:
    • new case studies as soon as we complete our own projects. These normally include contaminated sites, mining sites, geothermal plants, GW management in coastal areas/islands, etc;
    • tutorials about new PEST tools (as soon as we learn to use them!);
    • addition of subtitles in different languages (Spanish, Chinese, Russian);
    • sessions will be dedicated to selected case studies presented by “old” participants that wish to share their own experiences;
    • deepening of specific topics according to the preferences/requests of participants;
    • addition of “Country sessions” spoken in local languages and held by national experts of that country.


  • Is it possible to pay in instalments?
    Yes, you can pay in instalments with no extra-charge.


  • Is there any discount for hydrogeologists from very poor countries?
    Many trainers and companies involved in the teaching activity donated their work to cover scholarships; we hope to collect more founding for this purposes and advertise the opening of application as soon as possible.


  • If you compare the number of hours and the costs, the fees are extremely low, are there other hidden expenses which are not declared?
    Well, no… we tried to keep the costs as low as possible to allow a wide participation. Actually, if the number of participant is high, we might offer some more services, like books and printed material included in the fee.


  • What’s the language of the lessons?
    Module 1 and 2 have lessons spoken in Italian and English subtitles, or spoken in English. Module 3 is in English. We are planning to add Spanish, Chinese and Russian subtitles and to add “Country sessions” spoken in local languages and held by national experts of that country. This is likely to happen from the second year of the school.


  • La Scuola o parte di essa è valida ai fini della maturazione di Crediti formativi professionali agli iscritti all’Albo dei Geologi e Ingegneri?
    Siamo in attesa di risposta da parte dei rispettivi Ordini.


  • La Scuola eroga Crediti Formativi Universitari?
    Siamo in attesa di risposta da parte degli enti preposti.


  • Se due o più partecipanti provengono dalla stessa società hanno diritto ad uno sconto?
    Sì, il secondo iscritto paga il 20% in meno, dal terzo in poi il 30% in meno.


  • La Scuola rientra nelle agevolazioni della Formazione 4.0?
    Sì, la Scuola ricade nella Formazione 4.0, con agevolazioni fiscali sottoforma di credito di imposta fino al 50%. Per maggiori informazioni vedi la pagina dedicata del Ministero dello Sviluppo Economico.